Wednesday, August 02, 2006

..about my Bad Day..

Well still remember when I post a Bad Day song ? I told that I'll tell the connection between the song and my bad day (even now I think that was my good day).
So, you know what ? when I heard a 'Bad Day' song by Daniel Powter, I spontanity remember my Dad. He just died 5 months a go, March 31 2006 for sure. When he die, I still in Bali. My sister the one who give me the news to me by sms. First when I read the sms, I still not too believe (well, even I know before my dad passed away he already had a serious illness, which is cancer)..'cause you know that I'm not ready to losing my lovely Dad.I'm so desperate when I came and see with my eyes my Father's body (I go back to Jakarta when I heard the news).

I felt that was just the end of the day for me..


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