Sunday, September 10, 2006


Yes, its right. Finally, I got what I want !!!
You know what guys, finally I can make my own decicion for my own future. Well, here is the story :

on last 5 September 2006, I suppose to go back to Bali to continue my lawcollege ('coz d'holiday has I must go bback to study again). But when I go to the airport, my airplane has just departures 10 minutes b4 I came. The thing I did is calling my family and said that I lost my plane, but my family was angry and told me to go home.

But you know what I've done ? I din't go home, but I go to my friend's house. When I was at my friend's hoz I think about my future. I know that study about law is not what I want, the thing I want is to study Broadcast or Tourism. Then, on 6 September 2006, I decide to runaway from my family and from my study to Bandung...And I promise to myself that from that day I'll make my own decicion for my own future, not somebody's making on me what I want.

So, here I am in Bandung. Trying to start and create my new life. I hope, this is the best decicion that I ever made. Help me GOD !!!


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