Sunday, September 24, 2006

i wish support from aLL of you...

Empp..guys u still remember that now I'm still runaway from my study 'n also from my family right ? From this week, I'm trying to seeking suitable job for me..Honestly, I've been seeking job at the first I arrived in Bandung, but what can I certificates just arrived last friday (sep 22, 2006).. Now, All I want is just a pray 'n support from aLL of you guys. I hope this new part of my Life wouLd be the best part of my Life..

Oh yea, for information (thought if you r courius where I'm gonna post my Job appLication) I'm gonna try to appLy my appLication to oz Radio and Radio Ardan..Hahhaa..maybe I'll got Dj'radio ?? who knows..hahahha


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