Sunday, March 23, 2008

my post about my lost..

well,,there come again sad-situation to me on October 2007. My lovely handsome nephew Noel has just passed away.

Hate that..hate God for that moment,,twice in 2 years I lost my family member. Of course one most-powerful question when I know Noel dead is 'Why must now ?'

Day by day,,month by month I walk on my saddest felling situation. Hope my dad n nephew will live up again. But now I know this all just God's games. I must be strong face it. I know theres nothing can knocking me down in my life...And for now and future 1 promise I made to my dad n my nephew is ''I'll do anything for my means anything''. My complicated life is for my mom,,I face n survive to the world also for my mom.

Hands my word,,there never will knocking my spirit to make my mom happy for ever.

Luv my mom, dad n also my lovely 'rip' nephew NOEL


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