Friday, September 29, 2006

i miss my father...

Hello I just wanna ask all u guys to enjoy this song from christina, the tittle is 'hurt' it telling about losing someone who u really love most. Enjoy the music..I always remember my dad when I hear this song 'n I think this is the most beautiful song that I ever heard.

For my dad : You know what ? I will always remember u, I believe you are stiLL in my heart. I love you and I will always do..

Sunday, September 24, 2006

i wish support from aLL of you...

Empp..guys u still remember that now I'm still runaway from my study 'n also from my family right ? From this week, I'm trying to seeking suitable job for me..Honestly, I've been seeking job at the first I arrived in Bandung, but what can I certificates just arrived last friday (sep 22, 2006).. Now, All I want is just a pray 'n support from aLL of you guys. I hope this new part of my Life wouLd be the best part of my Life..

Oh yea, for information (thought if you r courius where I'm gonna post my Job appLication) I'm gonna try to appLy my appLication to oz Radio and Radio Ardan..Hahhaa..maybe I'll got Dj'radio ?? who knows..hahahha

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Yes, its right. Finally, I got what I want !!!
You know what guys, finally I can make my own decicion for my own future. Well, here is the story :

on last 5 September 2006, I suppose to go back to Bali to continue my lawcollege ('coz d'holiday has I must go bback to study again). But when I go to the airport, my airplane has just departures 10 minutes b4 I came. The thing I did is calling my family and said that I lost my plane, but my family was angry and told me to go home.

But you know what I've done ? I din't go home, but I go to my friend's house. When I was at my friend's hoz I think about my future. I know that study about law is not what I want, the thing I want is to study Broadcast or Tourism. Then, on 6 September 2006, I decide to runaway from my family and from my study to Bandung...And I promise to myself that from that day I'll make my own decicion for my own future, not somebody's making on me what I want.

So, here I am in Bandung. Trying to start and create my new life. I hope, this is the best decicion that I ever made. Help me GOD !!!