Monday, March 31, 2008

`missed my LOVELY (r.i.p) nephew - NOEL`

Hell yeah..what a cute baby he is !?!
His name is Arditama Immanuel,,you can called him NOEL.

My lovely (r.i.p) nephew,,missed him so much.

Its been 7 months from his death. Fuihhh..what a bad feeling for me on that day. Its like the end of the world when I lost him.

'Coz I'm the one who always take caring of him,,playing with him,,bring him walking around at home to learn walk.

Sometimes,,I got wonder with God. Is he just having some fun to do in my life ?? struggling on my life ??making my life getting worst ?? First when I was on elemntary school,,God took my little brother,,then 2006 God took my father with Him,,then 2007 He also took my lovely nephew go with him..Aarrrrggghhhhh,,,is there no one could be His toys to be played ha ??why must me,,my life,,my family ??Hate Him..dunno for how long I'm gonna hate God.

Well,,lets forget God for a while,,I just want to send my words and also a song from to my nephew where ever he go now.

Have fun with this song NOEL :

-Missed You so Much-

Sunday, March 23, 2008

*my apologize to my best-frenz*

First i felt like they left me alone n they did their own stuff n start ignoring me. Now,,they also felt like me ignoring them,I found guilty on my heart. These song I hope could representative what I felt to ask an apologize to all my best frenz (Bordil'hoz)

Pls,,to those who get they like what i wrote above hear these songs :

Hope will see news from u all guys ..

my post about my lost..

well,,there come again sad-situation to me on October 2007. My lovely handsome nephew Noel has just passed away.

Hate that..hate God for that moment,,twice in 2 years I lost my family member. Of course one most-powerful question when I know Noel dead is 'Why must now ?'

Day by day,,month by month I walk on my saddest felling situation. Hope my dad n nephew will live up again. But now I know this all just God's games. I must be strong face it. I know theres nothing can knocking me down in my life...And for now and future 1 promise I made to my dad n my nephew is ''I'll do anything for my means anything''. My complicated life is for my mom,,I face n survive to the world also for my mom.

Hands my word,,there never will knocking my spirit to make my mom happy for ever.

Luv my mom, dad n also my lovely 'rip' nephew NOEL